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Denby Dale & District Men’s Shed Association key objective is to reduce men's social isolation, loneliness and improve wellbeing.  The Shed provides a well equipped community workshop space where men can come together for social interaction and have a sense of purpose.   Our current activities are mainly woodworking, woodturning and light engineering.  We offer a friendly venue for a convivial chat and a cup of tea. 

“Shedding” is a grassroots movement that originated in Australia in the 1990s as a way to improve the health and wellbeing of men.  In the UK, the Men’s Shed movement has grown rapidly since the first one opened in 2013.  There are currently over 580 sheds in the UK with many more in development.  Each Shed is set up by and for their community and operates independently with differing offers and activities according to local need.  

Denby Dale & District Men’s Shed Association was set up in 2017.  It is a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) with the primary purpose being to prevent social isolation, particularly in older men, within the communities of Denby Dale and its surrounding villages.   


We are a self-help group and our success derives directly from the effort and commitment of our members. Our Management team consists only of members and consequently, we alone are responsible for our current and future provision. We chose this structure as it means that we can truly reflect the interests and requirements of our members and that we can evolve accordingly. However, this does mean that we all share the responsibility for the maintenance and management of the Shed. Everyone makes a contribution in their own way, chopping firewood, lighting the stove or developing a specialist part of the workshop.


Shed Facilities

The shed can be found in the former coal store for "Violet" (the steam engine) at Nortonthorpe Mills Industrial Estate.  The  usual entrance is down a short flight of steps but there is level access at the side of the building.   


The shed is compliant with Health & Safety regulations, there is a well equipped kitchen as well as WC and washing facilities.  A large wood burner is installed in a cozy corner of the shed with plenty of chairs for chats and socialising.


The Shed runs on the idea of skill sharing, so activities on offer can vary depending on current membership. Our current activities are mainly woodworking and woodturning and light engineering.  Members wishing to use our tools and machinery must demonstrate their ability to do so safely, which includes an induction procedure for each machine.

Woodworking is our main activity.  We have a range of woodworking equipment including conventional hand tools and large power tools such as router table, table saw, band saw, crosscut saw and a planer/thickenesser which are available for member use. 



Woodturning is also very popular.  We have two lathes available together with highly skilled in-house tutors.


Some members specialise in metalworking and light engineering

Forging Hot Iron
Image by Levi Midnight
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